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We are looking for dynamic candidates who love IT and helping solve technical problems!

Ensuring you keep costs down whilst meeting the performance, operational expectations and security requirements of IT within your business is where a Managed Service comes in.

Describe your job role in 10 words or less I make sure the right incident is dealt with on time within SLA to the relevant and most suited skill set. (I can’t do it within 10 words!)

Laptops are built for different purposes, just the same as desktop PCs are. Some laptops are built with strong processing powers to run large software programmes or games, some laptops are built for sending emails and running small programmes.

We’re super excited to announce that we are joining forces with Mi Crow and launching a brand-new product for our customers.

Our fantastic Service Delivery Manager Anna in series of webinar’s shows you how to use Microsoft Teams to your advantage to be more organised, more productive and more efficient. Become a Microsoft Teams Super User!