Time to clean up your hard drive.

Clear up your disk drive.

Is clutter on your hard drive slowing your working speed down? Do you have to delete various items just to make room for a new app or game?

Then it’s time for a clean-up on your hard drive. Here are some solutions to help you combat full hard drives

  • Windows 10 has a great newly built in feature that combats the issue of saving space on computers. Introducing ‘Storage Sense’. This all-in-one, silent assistant feature cleans a computer of unwanted files and keeps your storage optimised, working on your behalf without having to configure it.
  • One Drive Files On-Demand feature gives you easy access to your OneDrive files without taking up any precious storage space. All documents stay in the cloud until you need to open them, then they are cached on your hard drive.
  • Run a disk clean-up - A disk clean-up is a maintenance utility system that is included free in Microsoft Windows. The utility searches and analyses the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use and removes necessary files.
  • Do you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Unfortunately, the disk Clean-up method does not clear these temporary files and there could be gigabytes worth of cookies in your internet history and caches stored. Delete this information directly from your browser. For example, if using Google Chrome, you can open the settings menu > More tools > Clear Browsing data… From here you can select which data you wish to remove, then click ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • Take out the trash - Recycling bin items still take up your memory. Make sure to empty your recycling bin and permanently delete all the files.
  • Uninstall any programs no longer in use - Most disk space is used by applications or games, if you are no longer using them uninstall them and gain back precious space. To uninstall/remove programs on windows follow these steps: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Sort the list of programs by file size by clicking the ‘Size header’. Now you can see which programs take up the most space on your computer. Click any program that you wish to remove, and click ‘Uninstall’

Still finding you are having issues get in touch with our technical team who can run some simple diagnostics to diagnose the issue.