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Join the fight for a world without waste.

Today is International E-Waste day. Around the world every year, over 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced. Which is the equivalent of 800 laptops being discarded every second, with only 160 being recycled.

In the UK, for every single phone in use there are four that sit unused. What’s more, 50% of devices we throw away still work. This is all contributing to electronic waste (E-waste) being the world’s fastest growing and most toxic waste stream, with only 20% currently recycled.

(Data from: Green Alliance; US EPA; World Economic Forum Jan 2019 report)

At Computer Care we want to change this, which is why we work with Asset Remarketing to recycle old equipment in a sustainable way. They recently collected e-waste from Crystal Palace Football Club and Dillion our 2nd Line Engineer oversaw the project and gave his feedback on the service.

‘Following IT life cycle best practice, equipment should be upgraded every five years. It’s a huge help knowing that after an infrastructure upgrade, whether it’s left-over servers or switches we have a reliable source of removing the old equipment’.

Asset Remarketing will come and collect devices and IT equipment that is no longer wanted for free, then refurbish them so they can be used for longer or recycle the equipment - they will take anything with a battery, plug or cable. Their team of skilled engineers ensure that 100% of equipment received is repaired, reused or recycled.

If you have unwanted, old devices or IT equipment contact Asset Remarketing directly to arrange collection.

Keep up the great work guys!