Keeping you updated

Keeping you updated.

It always seems that an update becomes available at the most of inconvenient times. So, we often just choose to select update later with good intentions to update it the next time the reminder pops up. But chances are it catches you out at another inconvenient time.

These updates are incredibly important though, as they could hold fixes for known bugs and also updates to protect your computer and make it run more efficiently.

Microsoft Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you keep your computer up to date. It includes updates from Windows Update and from Office Update, in addition to updates for other Microsoft products and third-party device drivers. By using Microsoft Update you can more easily install multiple updates for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware and limits your update pop ups.

Follow these simple steps from Microsoft to ensure all high priority updates are installed.

  • Connect to the Internet, and then start Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (If Internet Explorer has reached end of life).
  • On the Tools menu, select Windows Update.
  • If Microsoft Update is not installed, select Microsoft Update. Otherwise, go to step 7.
  • On the Try Microsoft Update today Web page, select Start Now, and then select Continue on the Review the license agreement web page.
  • In the Security Warning dialog box, select Install to install Microsoft Update.
  • On the Welcome to Microsoft update web page, select Check for Updates
  • On the Keep your computer up-to-date web page, select Express to install high priority updates.
  • On the Review and Install Updates web page, select Install Updates, and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • After you install the high priority updates, you can repeat these steps to install other updates. To do this, select Custom on the Keep your computer up-to-date web page. Then, you can select updates from the sections that are listed on the navigation panel.

Need more help on keeping your systems updated, speak to our team.