IT Wellbeing

Look after your IT mental wellbeing.

There are many perks of working from home - bye bye commute - however sometimes it can be difficult to separate work from home and vice-versa.

Follow these simple tips on how to use technology to help you feel more productive and take care of your wellbeing when working from home.

1. Set a work from home routine

With the commute gone, work and personal time can be easily blurred and it can be stressful getting it right. Like you would when in the office, set yourself a working from home routine. Get up, eat your breakfast and use that commute time on exercising, reading, spending time with your kids or pets. When the work day is finished, stop working. Close down emails and focus on your personal home time.

2.Create a dedicate workspace

Try to find a quiet space away from distractions and people. Most importantly get comfortable. It maybe tempting to work from the sofa, however this won’t do any good for your back. Follow our 5 minute desk assessment to make sure you are sitting comfortably.

3.Take a break, have a stretch, have a walk.

Working from home can make us feel like we have to be available at all times. Making time to have breaks and time away from the screen is important to help mange stress and productivity. Use your calendar to book in and schedule in time to step outside for fresh air, to make a coffee. Use your teams status to allow your team members to know when you are available or set away from your desk.

4.Protect your eyes

We've all experienced dry, tired sore eyes from looking at a screen for too long, and it's not surprising when on average adults in the UK spend over nine and a half hours a day looking at screens.

Protect your eyes by reducing the blue light on your laptop and mobile; Select Start > Settings > System > Display > Night light settings.

Turning this on reduces the amount of blue light, and can help you sleep better after a long day at work. Getting good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your wellbeing.

5. Stay connected with your teammates.

Use Microsoft Teams to have catch up with your colleagues outside of meetings, to catch up on with what’s being going on like you would in the office.