Meet the team: Ahshan Haque

In a time when we can feel disconnected, we welcome you contact us if you're having connectivity issues, it is the perfect time to connect and introduce you to our lovely team at Computer Care.

First up we have Project / presales and on-boarding Manager (Oh that’s a bit of mouthful) Ahshan Haque.

Describe your job role in 10 words or less
An exciting and challenging job where two days are never the same.

What do you like about working at Computer Care?
Computer Care is always about learning new things and also about colleagues who are really helpful in furthering your knowledge within IT.

What is your geeky guilty pleasure?
Finding it hard to think of one as I think the IT world has progressed with so many different characters now and I find a lot of pleasure in DIY projects and mechanics of cars, etc.

Pet or Gadget?
A pet Tiger if that was ever possible, been watching too much Netflix.

MAC or PC?
Working in support for over 5 years I see MAC as more of unique address and has to be PC all the way

Favourite drink?