Meet the team: Anna Cross

In a time when we can feel disconnected, we welcome you contact us if you're having connectivity issues, it is the perfect time to connect and introduce you to our lovely team at Computer Care.

You may recognise the lovely Anna Eggleton our Service Delivery Manager, as the host of our webinar series. Make sure not to miss out on Anna’s fantastic presenting skills and give the first in the series ‘Microsoft Teams ‘chat’ feature’ a watch, as it’s jam-packed with incredible top tips.

Describe your job role in 10 words or less
Providing support and guidance for my team and clients

What do you like about working at Computer Care?
I love working with my Computer Care family! They are an incredible team of people who are equally supportive of each other and have a great sense of humour

What is your geeky guilty pleasure?
I enjoy tinkering and fixing things around the house

Pet or Gadget?

MAC or PC?
Both, but I mainly work with PCs

Favourite drink?
A nice red wine