Follow our IT Onboarding Guide for New Staff

Follow our IT Onboarding Guide for New Staff

Our short guide will give you advice on how to organise effective IT onboarding for new starters.

You’ve gone through the recruitment process, found your ideal candidate and they’ve accepted the job! So, what is next?

You want your new hire to hit the ground running, so preparation ahead of their start date is key. It is a good idea to have a new starter process in place, like a form containing all the important information or a checklist on how the computer needs to be set up so that your IT representative is already familiar with your company standards.

Will the new hire be replacing an existing member of staff, and will the equipment be re-issued to them? If so, there are a few things you need to consider before handing it over that will ensure they are ready to start their new role.

  • Does the computer device currently have the correct software and applications installed or will it need to be completely reset?
  • What other tools and access rights will they need? Create new logins for all systems and provide the correct access rights for company email, internal messaging, and productivity (such as Teams), shared folders, sites, or documents.
  • Do they need any other equipment such as additional computer monitors, mouse, keyboard, cables, laptop case or mobile phones?

Will your new hire require a brand-new computer or additional equipment? Consider ordering this based on their role. Also, with the global shortage of IT equipment affected by Covid and Brexit, make sure you are allowing enough time to order equipment. Ideally 3-4 weeks. This will give your IT representative time to set up the new machine, test logins for all systems and connect to printers before the start date to allow for any niggles.

If your new starter will be shadowing existing staff on how to use applications or systems, make sure you have a good induction plan in place for training and schedule this is in with team members so that they can prepare for the sessions in advance.

If your company is advanced, Employee Onboarding Automation is becoming more popular for organisations. If your company uses Microsoft 365, look at NEO (New Employee Onboarding).

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you have a process for logging IT support requests in place and that this is supplied to your new hire on their first day.

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