HUAWEI storage refresh programme

Is ageing equipment unable to meet your future business needs?

Are you experiencing outages due to low capacity, performance and reliability?

Need to update business storage, but don’t want disruptive downtime?

Has your business outgrown its existing infrastructure?

Are budgets tight so you have put a storage refresh project on hold?

If you are thinking about upgrading your storage to the latest all flash arrays, we recommend you join us on the Huawei ‘Storage Refresh Programme’. Upgrading and implementing the latest Huawei storage technology has never been easier with;

- Minimal disruption

- More functionality

- Faster application performance

- NvMe over FC

- Increased capacity

- Rock-solid reliability.

- Reduced power consumption

And until 31st December 2020, any new orders on Huawei storage discounted rates and bundles are available which include;

- Promotional pricing on the latest v6 HUAWEI storage

- Free On-site implementation and knowledge transfer

- Free On-site migration (<300TB)

The added benefits of the latest generation equipment with 3 years hardware warranty ensures smooth sailing in your journey to Storage utopia.

Contact us today for a 15 minute one-to-one with our experts to discuss your plans to Refresh your Storage.