What is a managed IT service?

Ensuring you keep costs down whilst meeting the performance, operational expectations and security requirements of IT within your business is where a Managed Service comes in.

As businesses evolve, they invariably utilise IT systems to deliver optimisation within business units. The cost savings can be significant, and this can drive business forward. Having a Managed Service Provider (MSP), such as Computer Care, will ensure that the systems your business relies on are operational and performing to their best.

Our service takes the traditional MSP model, with the benefits of a monthly fixed fee, and moves it into a value proposition that delivers benefits to your business as a whole.

We wrap in a number of services which sit above the traditional model – like managed Anti-Virus which is included in even our standard plan.

Our tiered structure means that you can scale the service to cover anything from basic monitoring to fully fledged IT, as a Service model (you rent everything from us – including laptops / switches / cloud / servers etc).

Our service doesn’t end there – we also act as a single point of contact for all your 3rd parties, dealing with them direct and ensuring they deliver too.

We also offer several complementary services including:

  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud migration and management
  • Office 365 migration and management
  • Cyber Security

We have a holistic approach to the services we provide. No matter the budget or size of your business, our care packages have everything covered - from making sure you’re virus-free to software deployment and installations.

Check our care packages here. And find out how much money your business can save.