Working From Home. We're Here to Help.

Our work culture has dramatically changed overnight, and it’s a whole new world to maneuver. Maybe you’re juggling the persistent demands of kids being home from school every day -- or figuring out how to deal with Zoom calls - and Zoom virtual backgrounds

We can’t help you with family distractions or creative direction on video backgrounds, but we can help you to transition into your ‘work from home’ office setting with a solid foundation of IT solutions to get the job done. Let us take care of the techy details so you can rock up to your next remote team meeting like you’ve got this under control.

We’re always a click and a call away to help you address your IT needs, and yes, our certified engineers support client setups for both Windows & Mac. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you ace the transition into remote working empowerment and success. These come from years of our IT frontline staff addressing pain pain points for our work-at-home clients.

1.Can I automatically map Office 365 folders from Sharepoint/OneDrive?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is simple to achieve without some IT help. We have a managed service solution that can set this up for businesses on all company owned computers.

2. What version of Office 365 can I use for Remote Desktop?

If you use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to provide shared computers to users in your organization, you can install Office 365 ProPlus on those computers. But, and here’s the techie bit… you have to use the Office Deployment Tool and enable shared computer activation to do the installation.

3. How can I be sure that my staff's home computers are safe to access my company network?

Make sure they have virus protection, which is available for both PC and Mac.In the eventuality that you have staff working from home that don’t have anti-virus on their personal computers, our partner Trend Micro can provide your employees with 6 months free access to their consumer internet security product, Trend Micro™ Maximum Security.

Protecting your hardware, software and business!

4. On Passwords

  • Make it company policy for staff to refrain from saving passwords on their work computers. You can also require staff to use a password manager such as LastPass or Myki.
  • Company information should not be saved locally containing customers’ information
  • Ensure the computer has an encryption function enabled to prevent hacking (Bitlocker - Windows 10 Pro only). We can manage this through our managed service solution.

5. How do I secure Remote Desktop Access?

  • If you are accessing company data via a Remote Desktop Server, make sure it is secured with 2 factor authenticationSAASPASS or AWS Amazon Work Space are 2 of these solutions that we can offer.
  • Make sure your Office 365 security and compliance center is set up
  • Computer Care can support you with VPNs and other software outside of the office environment through our managed services. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.

6. How do I enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) for Office 365 and Remote Desktop?

Office 365 includes this feature, and all users need to be enabled to activate this feature. Be careful before deploying as you can stop access to email / 365 for staff if it’s not done right.

7. Can I work as productively on different devices when I'm not in the office?

Yes, Office 365 is perfect for this with its collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Planner or SharePoint, which are accessible on multiple devices using apps or web access.

Still, have lingering questions or overwhelm? We got this! Contact Computer Care now for a free consultation so you can breathe easy and get back to the work that really matters.