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Today is International E-Waste day. Around the world every year, over 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced. Which is the equivalent of 800 laptops being discarded every second, with only 160 being recycled.

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Keeping you updated

Sep 28, 2020

It always seems that an update becomes available at the most of inconvenient times. So, we often just choose to select update later with good intentions to update it the next time the reminder pops up.

At the beginning of Covid-19, we didn’t know how long working from home would last. However, with working from home being a positive way of working for many employees and employers, more businesses are continuing to embrace it. With this in mind, it is important to support and protect your employees who continue to work from home.

The hardest part of exercising often lies in the effort attached to the activity. Sometimes we need a leg up and a bit of encouragement to get us over the line. What better way to gain this extra degree of motivation than to invest in a new apparatus that will help to spark our imagination and in turn sustain our exercise related efforts.

There are many perks of working from home - bye bye commute - however sometimes it can be difficult to separate work from home and vice-versa.