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Meet Anna Eggleton. You may recognise the lovely Anna our Service Delivery Manager, as the host of our webinar series.

In a time when we can feel disconnected, we welcome you contact us if you're having connectivity issues, it is the perfect time to connect and introduce you to our lovely team at Computer Care.

Welcome to the first in the series of our Computer Care webinars. This webinar is hosted by Anna Eggleton our IT Helpdesk Manager, introducing Microsoft Teams ‘chat’ feature.

Our work culture has dramatically changed overnight, and it’s a whole new world to maneuver.

When it comes to data security at schools, it’s people ⁠— not systems ⁠— that represent the greatest threat.

As Microsoft looks ahead to Jan. 14, 2020 — when the long-awaited Windows 10 update eclipses the current Windows 7 — a company in upstate New York is drumming up awareness on how crucial it is to update operating systems.