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About Us

Computer Care was launched to meet the increasing demand for IT expertise among SMEs, as they become increasingly reliant on their IT systems and internet connectivity.

We felt we could offer a service that really met the needs of growing businesses, a service that could be defined by three words: knowledge, care and value – three words that aren’t always associated with IT consultants.

In a constantly changing IT environment, our immersion in the industry enables us to advise our clients about the latest solutions. It also gives us strong relationships with tried and tested providers, so we can pass on the best solutions and best value to our clients.

And we work best when our clients treat us as partners, so we avoid the IT jargon, take the time to understand their business and make sure the solution we provide is the best one to meet their specific needs – just as a good in-house IT department would. That’s the ‘Care’ bit.

Computer Care has been successfully delivering first class IT support and services to SMEs in London, Surrey and the South East for over 15 years. We are a leading provider for the UK sports industry, working with organisations such as Crystal Palace FC and Esportif.

Find out how we can improve your IT solutions and managed services and help you keep your IT costs under control.

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