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Single Services IT Security AssessmentsWe offer a suite of one… services to challenge and assess your IT security and toughen up your knowledge and methodolog

Continuous Services

us monitoring and auditing Robust IT security requires continuous monitoring and auditing.… We provide continuous security services to keep your cloud services


IT Security Easy to use security products We use several security products …that are excellent at keeping your security functions easy to manage and use. SAASPASS t

Trend Micro Worry-Free Anti-Virus

Free Business Security We supply our customers with the most …popular business security software for small businesses. Its benefits …Free Business Security

4 security tips to keep you safe online

The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous neighbourhood: digital marketers want to buy your private data, and hackers want to steal it. Here are four simple steps you can take to stay safe online.
4 security tips to keep you safe online The internet i… there are some security steps you can take to protect data saved in …ection will help you close the chink in your security armour that exists between your device and t

As Microsoft prepares for the end of Windows 7, students urged to update

As Microsoft looks ahead to Jan. 14, 2020 — when the long-awaited Windows 10 update eclipses the current Windows 7 — a company in upstate New York is drumming up awareness on how crucial it is to update operating systems.
users will have to be vigilant about security issues and bugs until they adopt a new opera

How to create data security training for staff and students

When it comes to data security at schools, it’s people ⁠— not systems ⁠— that represent the greatest threat.
erse around your Mini When it comes to data security at schools…rus software and even the most sophisticated security measures can only go so far. If a staff memb

Elegant design, powerful features

A laptop designed for today’s mobile professional, with powerful security, manageability, and collaboration features.