SAASPASS: A simple, robust security solution

When security becomes too inconvenient to use, it is the same as having no security. SAASPASS is a unique, seamless, one-step security solution that works for all your digital and physical access needs. Computer Care will install SAASPASS on your systems and devices and train your staff in its simple but effective applications.

SAASPASS removes the risk of weak links in your security system.

SAASPASS allows you to manage all your passwords securely and conveniently from your mobile or other enabled device.

SAASPASS is fully secured with dynamic (always changing) passcodes and multi-factor authentication.

Need a simple, robust security solution?

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Some of the things you can secure with SAASPASS include:

• Work emails and company apps
• Online banking and shopping
• Personal email and social media
• Your car, home or hotel room


The threat of cybercrime escalates every year – and as devices are increasingly shared between business and personal use, it is no longer sufficient to build security perimeters around corporate networks. You need a seamless security solution that protects your network inside and out without any cracks, one that doesn’t require users to memorise multiple complex passwords for all the apps they use (and compromise security by writing them down on PostIt notes).


SAASPASS uses multi-factor authentication (2FA and MFA) with dynamic passwords to authenticate access to any website, service or device. When access is requested, a random number is generated through the mobile app or key fob. By entering this number in the login, or scanning a QR code on the screen with your mobile phone, you acquire authentication quickly and conveniently and much more securely than with other MFA solutions, such as SMS.

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