• Vulnerability Assessment

Testing your security for soft spots

As the name suggests, a vulnerability assessment is a controlled way to test your IT security and identify weaknesses that could be exploited by criminals. The outcome is knowledge that gives you the opportunity to resolve security issues before they become a problem and plan your budgets to plug any gaps.

Vulnerability Assessments identify exposure to external attacks, eg hackers

Vulnerability Assessments can also emulate internal threats, eg employees

Vulnerability Assessments test defences without impacting on servers

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A stitch in time… If there are chinks in your IT armour, it’s best to find them before they are discovered by someone with malicious intent, eg a hacker or an employee with a grudge. A Vulnerability Assessment will test your systems both externally and internally and highlight any areas of weakness. You can then take action to plug the gaps before they turn into a serious breach.


We begin by defining the scope for the assessment, ie what devices are to be included? We need to know whether we’re assessing a certain area of your network, site, website or specific devices. Are we just testing company-owned devices or any device that can be used to access the network, such as employees’ private tablets, laptops and phones? We can then carry out ‘red team attacks’, challenging your defences with manual and automated tests, from which we will produce a vulnerability report with recommendations for potential resolutions. This can be passed to the relevant personal for auctioning and, if required, we can carry out a full penetration test to see how deep the holes are. We can also run through the report with you and discuss your options.