• StorageCraft - Disaster Recovery Protection

Complete systems protection to keep business continuity

For comprehensive protection of your files and folders in the event of a site-wide disaster, you need disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). StorageCraft is just such a service, replicating your backup images in its disaster-recovery cloud so you can keep your business running, come what may.

StorageCraft helps you quickly retrieve your files and folders.

StorageCraft enables you to virtualise your machines.

StorageCraft is easy to manage through a secure online portal.

Protect your business against any kind of data loss.
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StorageCraft Cloud Services promise:

• Access to your data from anywhere, any time.
• 99.999+% uptime business continuity.
• Failover testing and execution at the click of a button.


When your business relies on data, anything that leaves you without access to your files is costly and disruptive. While local backups are usually sufficient in the case of server failures and other common problems, a site-wide disaster such as a fire will destroy your backups too, bringing your business to a grinding halt. StorageCraft removes this threat by replicating your data in a high-level cloud environment, enabling you to carry on working without any interruptions.


In the event of a disaster, StorageCraft will instantly and seamlessly transfer control of your data to a duplicate system and give you the tools to access your files and keep your business running. It is centrally managed through an easy-to-use, secure online portal, giving you easy access while guaranteeing your privacy and security.