• Virtual Private Servers

Customise your own private space

Virtual Private Servers are a great way to get the server capacity you need in a very flexible format with added privacy. If you don’t need the full capacity of a dedicated server but you don’t want the restrictions of a shared server, a VPS is the ideal solution.

A VPS gives you cost-effective server space customised to your needs.

A VPS presents a privacy curtain between you and the internet.

A VPS is more reliable than hosting your own server.

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As your business grows, you want a server that can grow with you and is customisable to serve up all the applications you want to use. You also want it to be secure, up to date and properly maintained. Our VPS service gives you:

• Highly secure access to your cloud-based applications.
• The reliability of top grade hardware without the cost.
• Automatic encryption and anonymity, so hackers can’t track your online activity.


Buying your own server is expensive and, unless you intend to use its full capacity, inefficient. Hosted shared servers offer a cost-effective alternative, which is secure, well maintained and only charges you for the capacity you need. A VPN goes a step further, giving you more control and security than a shared server, so you always have the capacity you need to keep your business running smoothly. If privacy matters to you, choose a VPN.


A VPN is part of a physical server. Like a shared server, you pay for a part of the total server capacity but unlike a shared server, you can customise the part you use to fit your needs exactly. Data leaving your devices is automatically encrypted and passes through the VPN before going out to the internet, so your destinations see it as coming from the VPN, not from you.