• Connectivity

High Speed Business Class Internet

Internet connections that constantly drop out or deliver slow download speeds will severely hold back your business. We work with proven business class service providers to connect our customers with high-speed, reliable internet.

Business class service guaranteed.

Managed service for a fixed fee.

Better rates than going direct.

Make sure your internet connection is up to speed.
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Our Connectivity service procures you best in class businesses internet from providers like Clarinet, Fluid One, Zen and Talk Talk Business. Because we are dealing with providers all the time, we can secure you better rates than you would get if you bought direct. And we monitor the service you’re receiving, escalating issues with the provider when necessary.

• We procure the connectivity your business needs
• We only work with high-quality business providers
• We manage the service, you manage your business


The internet connection you have at home is very different from the level of service designed for businesses. With multiple users and large volumes of data, the speed and capacity of your business connectivity needs to be much higher than a domestic service and it needs to come with guarantees. Should the service drop, you need someone to get it fixed fast.


We will carry out a study of your business and its connectivity needs in order to assess the level of service you need. We will then go to one of our preferred providers and procure the service for you, using our purchasing power to secure a good price. We will manage the installation and make sure you’re all set up properly. And we will manage the service for you, chasing up any issues with the provider, so that you receive a seamless internet service that keeps your business connected without you having to worry about it.