• Network Security

Protection inside and out

With our Network Security solution you can rest assured that your network is not vulnerable to hackers or internal sabotage as you go about your business.

Network Security keeps a constant watch for suspicious activity

Network Security reacts in milliseconds to any attempted attack

Network Security guards both the perimeter and internal connections of your network

Is your network adequately protected?
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By partitioning your network, we can make sure that sensitive areas are accessible on a strict needs-only basis, eg areas for private and public access are kept separate and secure from one another. With continuous monitoring, our Network Security solution will react in a split second to shut down connections at the first sign of a hacking attempt. We control network access so that:

• Access to the core network is granted only to the elements that require it
• Each workstation has access only to what it requires
• BYOD devices are placed under the same access controls


Unprotected networks will get hacked – that’s a fact of life. If you leave all areas of your network accessible to all users, you run the risk of a small security breach leading quickly to a much bigger attack, rather like putting a hole in the hull of a ship. By partitioning your network, you restrict access between areas, thus limiting the extent to which a potential hacker can move around and cause damage.


We will scan your network for weak points and keep track of everything that goes on. We will establish which parts of the network need to be accessed by whom and partition it accordingly. If an attempted attack or unauthorised access is detected, our Network Security solution will automatically shut down devices to prevent the attack spreading and will keep the sensitive core of your network sacrosanct.