For medium to large businesses who want a complete turn-key IT solution. Everything is included in this service - even cyber security and Office Business Premium.

Standard Care

Software Development and Installations - This service allows us to deploy software to any computer managed under this agreement. We can deploy almost any application and make sure computers are ready to go with the right apps for seamless deployment and maximum productivity.

Cyber Security Vulnerability Scanning - We will perform monthly external vulnerability scans against your primary public IP addresses at any offices you have, and provide a basic quarterly report of the findings. We will include if required the scanning requirements to be PCI-DDS compliant (although obtaining the certification needs to be processed by the company for legal reasons).

Machine Builds - We'll configure your new workstation based on your requirements to get you up and running.

Managed Firewall - Similar to desktop management, firewalls need to be monitored and fixed, but also need to be managed by a different set of skills. We have trained staff looking after our customers firewalls, making sure that security is always kept tight. This package includes updating and fixing issues (not hardware) on network switches, vLANs, ACL's and routing etc.

Microsoft 365 Package - Office 365 Disaster Recovery - data loss on the Office 365 platform is rare, but it is not immune. Microsoft do not offer backups for files or emails in the event of ransomware encryption, meaning data loss is a risk. We protect your business with 3 backups a day with easy recovery in seconds. All your 365 administration and license management is also included as part of this package.

Trend Micro XDR - Trend Micro XDR, with today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, advanced security is not enough to prevent attacks on your users and infrastructure. You need capabilities in place to help you respond rapidly to threats that may breach your defences. To avoid serious and widespread damage, you need to prevent as much as you can and detect and respond quickly if a threat breaks through.

Onsite Support - For when a skilled technician is required to visit your business or to resolve physical issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Server Management - All maintenance (OS and Applications updates), performance monitoring (RMM), and software and configuration fixes with unlimited hours to do so.

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) - Server / Office 365 Disaster Recovery Solution powered by Storage Craft Shadow Protect totalling pooled storage of 1TB and requires a minimum 2 servers. Our service give your business the assurance that all it's critical systems are backed up safely in the cloud. What's more our service includes daily checking that backups are working, fixes should there be an issue with any backups failing, plus monthly integrity checks (spin-ups). The advantages don't stop there, our disaster recovery solution is designed to get your systems back up and running (in the event of a disaster) in as little as 2 hours.

Helpdesk (RMM) - Our dedicated support helpdesk team will be on hand to help fix your PC issues (unlimited time). The majority of the time they will remote onto your computer to fix. You can log a ticket via email or call us.

Patch Management - Our Remote Monitoring system will detect out of date Windows Updates on devices and push the latest updates out, centrally reporting their status to us. We provide a monthly patch status report and resolve any persistent issues via our service desk.

Pro-active repairs and maintenance - We identify regular issues and create fixes that can be run instantly as soon as the issue is detected, that way we keep your computer working even when a fault occurs. Regular maintenance is automatically performed to enhance the performance and stability of your systems to keep them running in optimum condition.

Asset Management - Our managed service includes asset management, using an up to date automatic system to give you a complete view of all your IT equipment and software in one place. Allowing you to budget for hardware refreshes.

Managed Anti-virus - Fully managed pro-active anti-virus service (client machine / cloud). Our service includes Trend Micro Worry Free for Business, configured to protect and monitor machines. Centralised, cloud based, monitoring and reporting for servers, PC’s and Macs.

Remote Monitoring - Our Remote Monitoring will detect issues and alert our Service Desk via our ticketing system. This ensures any actions required are logged and all your IT equipment is running effectively even if they are remote from your offices.

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